Compliance of Public Transportation (Angkot) Driver Toward Traffic Regulation In Semarang City (A Phenomenological Study)


The aim of this study was to understand the psychological dinamics and the meaning of compliance from public transportation (angkot) driver. This study uses a phenomenology-qualitative study approach. The respondents for this study are three men who are working as public transportation (angkot) drivers in Semarang City.

Result of the study showed that angkot drivers in Semarang tend to raise some degree of non-compliant manner toward traffic rules. This is caused from the demanding condition of necessities fulfilment, the value held by the drivers, the view on local government and transportation department, the view on “juragan”—the drivers bosses, the view on passengers’ condition, the view on supporting infrastructure, the view on the numbers of personal vehicle and other means of public transportation, the view on other public transportation’s violation, information stress on traffic rules, and the view on compliance in social life.


Keyword: compliance, public transportation (angkot) driver

(The Second International Conference of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology)

Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia (December 21-23, 2011)



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